About IEC

Transformative technology that makes our planet a better place should be available to all...
IEC delivers it.
Process Improvement

IEC maintains several process improvement mechanisms to ensure that quality and efficiency are paramount within our organization. The foundation of our philosophy is an acknowledgement that any individual within the organization has the ability to recommend a change for the betterment of the company. Efficiency and cost reduction are the key drivers of this concept; and ideas on how to improve it for the benefit of the customer are vital to our success.

We strive to employ concepts from LEAN, ISO9001 and other management strategies to create a unique environment where efficiency and quality are enveloped and nurtured within all areas of our culture.

Quality Control

Customer satisfaction via product performance is our top priority. We strive to instill the concept of quality work within every team member in every department, top to bottom. Each team member acknowledges that the quality of their work directly affects the work quality of all others, which then ultimately affects the customer. Every team member is responsible for reporting any errors they may find, and any follow on corrective actions that are taken.

We strive to diligently check each piece and part produced prior to shipment. A quality inspector is employed to guarantee that the products shipped from our facility always meet or exceed customer expectations. Regular management reviews and meetings are held monthly to ensure continuous improvement goals are identified and achieved. These are measured with Key Performance Indicators.

Join Our Team
  • IEC is always looking for individuals who are driven by a desire for continual self-improvement and those who are also passionate about improving efficiencies and quality. If that sounds like you, please fill out our on-line employment application form or apply in person at 1708 H Ave, Thurston, NE 68062.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer striving to promote a positive work environment in a team-oriented atmosphere. Our compensation packages are second to none. We value the contributions of all of our employees and promote an open-door policy where anyone can speak with Management about any issue that may arise.