• IEC Advisory Board
  • Sanjeev Agarwal, PhD.

    Dr. Agarwal is a teaching Professor of Marketing in the Business Department at Iowa state University as well as the President of TechnoChem in Boone, Iowa. Dr. Agarwal may be contacted at:

    Sen. Dennis Black

    Sen. Black served in the Iowa Legislature for 32 years. He is currently a Board member of CK International. Sen. Black may be contacted at:

    Hon. Sylvestri Koka

    Hon. Koka is a Member of Parliament in Tanzania and the Chairman of SF Group of Companies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Hon. Koka may be contacted at:

  • Al Ratner, PhD.

    Dr. Ratner is an Associate Professor of Industrial & Mechanical Engineering at the University of Iowa. Dr. Ratner may be contacted at:

    George Shimek

    Mr. Shimek is the President of Custom Blacksmithing and Manufacturing in Waterloo, Iowa with over 40 years experience designing and fabricating custom machine parts. Mr. Shimek may be contacted at: george@customblacksmithingmfg.com

    Electo Silva, PhD.

    Dr. Silva is a Fulbright Scholar and Professor of Engineering at the Federal University of Itajuba in Itajuba, Brazil. Dr. Silva may be contacted at:

  • Sen. Steve Sodders

    Sen. Sodders is the President Pro Tempore of the Iowa State Senate. Sen. Sodders may be contacted at: Steve.Sodders@legis.iowa.gov

    Tom Urban

    Mr. Urban is the former Chairman and CEO of Pioneer Hi­Bred International and the former Mayor of Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. Urban may be contacted at: tom@tomurban.com